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How do you serve Jardesca?

To enjoy the lively fresh luscious taste of Jardesca pour 3 oz. over ice. Add a splash of soda and a citrus twist if desired. It is simple to use and delicious in wine cocktails and spritzes. Mixologists also love Jardesca as a fresh, all natural base for low abv cocktails.

Is Jardesca sweet?

Jardesca is not a sweet drink. We created Jardesca to be an ideal balance of slightly sweet roundness on the tongue, with a crisp, clean finish. Because we don’t use sugars and syrups, 3oz of Jardesca is only 99 calories.

Why serve over ice?

At 17% ABV we designed Jardesca to stand up to ice as it adds to the refreshment and adding ice further opens the essences in our JARDESCA California Aperitiva.

What is California Aperitiva?

Our California Aperitiva, like California wine, was created to redefine the European traditions of Aperitifs and bring relaxed sophistication and delicious taste to our “California Aperitiva” moment. Many traditional European aperitifs were originally created as medicines or used herbs to mask weak or cheap wine. Consequently, they tend to be bitter and challenging on their own. Our goal with our JARDESCA California Aperitiva was to start with delicious taste and use our botanicals to amplify that delicious taste.

Where does the name JARDESCA come from?

JARDESCA is our word that we created by combining the root romance language word for “garden”(Jardin, Jardina etc ) and the word for “fresh” (fresca) to communicate “fresh from the garden”.

Is JARDESCA a wine or spirit?

Jardesca is legally classified as an aperitif wine. Jardesca is a wine blend fortified with a fine grape spirit, but at 17% ABV and all grape based can be sold in accounts with beer and wine licenses.

What specific wine varietals and botanicals make up the blend?

The heart of the blend is a light, floral Viognier. The lead botanicals in our California Aperitiva are pink grapefruit, pink peppercorn and bay leaf. Every individual palate finds something slightly different to love in Jardesca California Apertiva and we don’t like to prejudice that experience with a full list of ingredients. Combining the wine blend and the eau de vie distilled with botanicals creates a taste experience that no individual element can take credit for.

How long does JARDESCA last?

JARDESCA California Aperitiva stays fresh, when refrigerated, for at least 6 weeks after opening.



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