Creating Jardesca

We wanted to make an aperitif that wasn’t just from California but actually tasted like California, sunny, bright and refreshing. We spent years with winemakers, distillers and mixologists experimenting with every combination of varietals and botanicals, sampling hundreds of combinations until we discovered the perfect balanced blend that captured California in a bottle.

Features of Jardesca

Botanically Infused

Natural botanicals that evoke the spirit of California. Infused into a fine grape spirit. Redistilled in an alembic still to capture the essence of the botanicals.

All Natural

Nothing to interfere with the taste. Handcrafted. No artificial colors or ingredients.

Low Alcohol Aperitif

Low ABV spirit at 17%. Ideal For day drinking. No added sugars or syrups. Naturally low in calories. Married with an artisanal California wine blend.

How We Make Jardesca

Over 4 to 6 months we carefully select our wines, spirit and botanicals, personally tasting every batch at every stage of the crafting.

Select the Botanicals

We select 10 Botanicals that are inspired by the taste profile of California. Instead of using syrups, liqueurs or added sugar, we capture the essence of the botanicals by soaking them in a fine grape spirit.

Crafting the Spirit

The Still we use to distill our eau de vie is an alembic still, of the type that is used to make cognac. We chose this type of still as it is ideal for infusing the essence of the botanicals.

Creating the Wine Blend

We believe that the base of our aperitif is as essential as our botanicals so we create a delicious blend using 3 hand selected
California artisanal wines.

Marrying the Wine and Spirit

Once the eau de vie has been twice distilled it retains the natural essence of the infused botanicals. The 163-proof spirit is now ready to marry with the wine blend until the ideal harmony and balance is achieved.

jardesca white aperitiva
Jardesca White Aperitiva
Jardesca Red Aperitiva